Monday, October 4, 2010

Post to you~~

In the name of the most beneficent the most high
He who holds my soul before and after I die
See I'm lost in confusion so please help ya Allah
I wanna act right but can't play my attitude right
Don't let me go astray show me the right path
So I can be amongst the righteous

Forgive me ya Allah
For all my sins
Here I am crying
Kneeled before my bed
I've sinned
I've hurted
A dear one..
Someone I love
And always have respected
I pray you to take care of her
And that her sorrow you'll take away
Illuminate her steps
And the cold of her years
I supplicate you to bless her
Give peace to every single one of her days
Kiss her way
Coz I couldn't make her happy
This is the only thing I pray to you for
I beg you..Allah

My dear one, show me the way to follow
Even if I could die by your side
With Gods bonds, hand in hand
Your eyes give fervor, I can with or without you
My dreams are for you, your destiny is right here
Will you cry when I'm gone?
Or will you be cold like ice when I say goodbye?
Your eyes give light to my emptiness
They make me desire the day you call me the love of yours
I don't know what to say to you
Angel of my dreams
I won't forget you, I'll cry
But never in front of you
You know that in my dreams
i would keep u and me
now and forever