Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Be strong~~

To myself, stand the pain.There's no room for lack of trust..
See this here I have to say~~ I have this world but I also have my faith
When I don't make it in time, feel like everything drops..
I keep learn from Fatimah how to sacrifice,without the tired in sight.InsyAllah I'm gonna do this.
I have to say what I feel..I wish you were here next to me..Been missing you so desperately But lately I feel,Like you feel and I see what you see
How I'm missing you.. Then I realized Prayin' to do better I witnessed.Takin' a deep breath, tears was runnin' again..
From now Forgettin' everything matters and happenings just giving,I looked up in the sky thanking Allah for this journey. I swear I didn't schedule to be like this early.

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